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Survival Guide for Idaho Librarians: Additional Topics

A quick-start ready reference source for the accidental public library director or school librarian in Idaho

Additional Topics

Common Core:  Or, How Can We Help Students?

Do some of your library users, especially parents, wonder what the Idaho Core Standards are all about? The Idaho Core Standards website is available at

Community Building:  Or, Credible Connections

Community Building is reaching out to the community you serve and connecting with groups and organizations to maximize the library's impact.  In 2015, five Idaho libraries embarked on community building exercises.  Explore the tools and resources which resulted from this activity at

The Orton Family Foundation has created a Field Guide which provides step-by-step descriptions for those interested in strengthening their communities.  Go to to download the free field guide.

In 2011, the Idaho Commission for Libraries hosted "credible connections" activities which brought together individuals and groups within 23 communities to connect, share, and collaborate on work force development projects.  For more information about this process go to

The Harwood Foundation and the American Library Association have collaborated to create a variety of tools which facilitate conducting community conversations.  More information and the tools can be found at Libraries Transforming Communities.

Series of six YouTube videos based on Lead the Change concepts.

Continuing Education:  Or, How Do I .....

The Idaho Commission for Libraries provides opportunities for continuing education in library-related topics.  These opportunities range from informal 1-hour webinars to formal library science courses.  Here are some resources to review:

Info2Go!  A monthly webinar produced by the Idaho Commission for Libraries

Free Continuing Education:  A monthly list of online webinars, subscribe to libidaho listserv for access

Continuing Education Grants:  Grants provided to Idaho publicly funded libraries to support staff development.

Alternative Basic Library Education (ABLE):  Self-directed online courses in library basics (free)

Supplemental Basic Library Education (SABLE):  Self-directed online courses in youth services (free)

Continuing Education Online Courses:  Access for Idaho library staff to a variety of vendor provided online courses

Continuing Education Libguide:  Resources for a variety of continuing education topics

Grant Writing:  Or, Where's the Money?

There are several opportunities for libraries to write grants for funding of projects or programs.  The following gives a general outline for writing a grant either for an Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) Library Services and Technology Act Grant, or other funders.

Step 1:  Strategic Planning for Grants

Step 2:  Select one Program or Project, then Build Your Case

Step 3:  Basic Components of Grant Proposals

Step 4:  Finalize Supporting Documents & Put It All Together

Step 5: Submit Your Grant on Time (if not Early!)

Learn more by opening the Grants and Fund Raising document below.

Check out these Additional Research & Training Resources:

More informaton at Idaho Commission for Libraries

Idaho Commission for Libraries Resources:  Or, Your Friends in Boise

When you run into a question you just can’t answer by yourself, there are resources available to you. The mission of the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) is to build the capacity of libraries to serve their clientele. This includes support of statewide databases and online resources, continuing education, consulting, programming, and building library community.  For more information open the document below.

Leadership:  Or, Me? A Leader?

In the spring of 2014, the Idaho Commission for Libraries in collaboration with the Idaho Library Association hosted a Leadership Training Needs Assessment Summit.  From this summit, the Library Leadership Advisory Committee (LiLAC) emerged.  A group of individuals from the Idaho library community whose charge is to lay the groundwork for developing a leadership culture within the Idaho Library Community. 

For more information:

Leadership - LiLac

Leadership Development Opportunities

LiLAC Facebook Group

American Library Association

Marketing:  Or, What Is My Message?

Check out the quick tutorial from the Ohio Library Council on Marketing

SABLE Course:  Merchandising

Marketing Resources from American Library Association

Tell Your Library's Story - TechSoup Archive and Handouts

Volunteers:  Or, Who Can Help?

Volunteers in your library can be a great asset - or - they can feel like just more work and responsibility. How this asset is managed can make all the difference. If you have a good plan for managing your community volunteer resource, the possibilities are limitless! Volunteers are not free, but they can cost-effectively extend library services. Before you begin using volunteers, several areas should be addressed.  Check out the attachment below to learn more.

Idaho is currently 2nd in the nation for volunteer hrs per capita.

UX and Design Thinking resources referenced by Natalie Nation in her UX Presentation.

Cards, Methods, and Inspiration
Innovating for people / Luma Institute (cards)
Innovating for people / Luma Institute (handbook)
IDEO method cards /  IDEO (cards)
The decision book :  50 models for strategic thinking / Michael Krogerus and Roman Tshappeler


Web Tools  virtual design thinking crash course (free!)


Don't make me think / Steve Krug
The design of everyday things / Don Norman
The user experience team of one / Leah Buley
Useful, usable, desirable : applying user experience design to your library  / Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches
This is service design thinking / Marc Stickdorn
Putting the user first : 30 strategies for transforming library services / Courtney Greene McDonald
101 design methods / Vijay Kumar
Service design : from insight to implementation / By Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie, Ben Reason

Advocacy Resources

Leadership Videos

Story Telling

Leadership Books

Reading for leadership development:

  • The Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - Chris Hadfield
  • Drive - Daniel H. Pink
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  • Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sineck
  • Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference Paperback Jennifer B. Kahnweiler PhD
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven R. Covey
  • Start With Why - Simon Sineck
  • Team of Rivals - Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Tribes - Seth Godin
  • The Truth About Leadership - James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

Goodreads list of Popular Leadership Books

Building Effective Library Advocacy Campaigns

These webinars were co-sponsored by United for Libraries and the ALA Chapter Relations Office.

Part 1: Building your Base (presented July 14, 2016)

This workshop makes the connection between program and services outreach and building a library's base of support for advocacy.  This workshop details:

  • Using recent research as well as preparing public service return on investment calculations.
  • How to map a community.
  • Options for program development - examples used are the Recreation market and local elected officials.
  • Connection between customer service and advocacy.
  • Use of social media.
  • Managing data.
  • Using volunteer messengers.

Watch Part 1 here: 

Part 2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense (presented July 21, 2016)

This workshop provides participants with the knowledge needed to:

  • Create a campaign plan.
  • Recruit volunteer leadership.
  • Detail roles and responsibilities.

Watch Part 2 here:

Part 3: Message, Marketing, & Media (presented July 28, 2016)

This workshop walks participants through:

  • How to develop a campaign message using values and emotional branding.
  • Integrating that message into campaign outreach.
  • Public presentations.
  • Using the media to advance the message.

Watch Part 3 here:

Part 4: Connecting with YES Voters + Part 5: Get out the Vote (Immediately following Part 4) (presented August 4, 2016)

This workshop details the nuts and bolts of a library field operation including:

  • Targeting through using enhanced voter files.
  • Phone Banking/Direct Mail/Social Media/Email/Voter Tracking

This workshop brings the previous four together with the ultimate goal of reaching out to Yes voters and getting them to the polls.

Watch Part 4 here:

More Online Training Resources

Outreach and Community Engagement

Created by Micki Dietrich with Adrian Gomez

Learn all about the resources and best practices of getting started with outreach and community engagement. Find details here about better understanding your audience, knowing the resources available to you, and making the most of attending community events. 

Leading OPL

Created by Rebecca Stavick

Leading OPL is a 16-month self-study leadership program, built for anyone's hectic schedule. In this course, you'll learn about Leadership and Management Basics, and then delve deeper into the following leadership topics: Communication, Time Management, Productivity, Emotional Intelligence, Staff Development & Coaching, Delegation & Workflow, Conflict Management, Feedback, Change Management, Creativity & Innovation, User Experience, Project Management, Diversity & Gender, and Organizational Culture.

NOTE:  You may or may not have access to the courses, depending on which library is your home library.  Regardless, there is valuable information for the learner to consume regarding leadership.

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