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Survival Guide for Idaho Librarians: Home

A quick-start ready reference source for the accidental public library director or school librarian in Idaho

Important ICfL Contacts for Anyone Working in a Public or School Library in Idaho

Area Field Consultants

Emily Sitz, Moscow Office
208-882-8882 local, or 866-212-0646 toll-free

Consulting Map

Kevin Tomlinson, Boise Office
208-334-2150 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Broadband Consultant, E-Rate for Public Libraries

Dylan Baker
208-639-4167 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Continuing Education Consultant

Annie Gaines
208-639-4151 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

E-Services Program Supervisor

Dylan Baker
208-639-4167 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Emerging Trends Consultant

Deana Brown
208-639-4156 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Grants Contracts Officer & State Data Coordinator

Jamie Mott
208-639-4164 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

LiLI Librarian; Leader, ShareIdaho; Administrator, [STACKS]

Allison Floyd
208-334-2150 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Partnerships Program Supervisor

Randy Kemp
208-639-4149 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

School Library Consultant

Jeannie Standal
208-639-4139 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Talking Book Service Program Supervisor

LeAnn Gelskey
208-639-4148 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Web Developer, eBranch Consultant

Doug Baker 
208-639-4173 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Youth Services Team

Jennifer Redford, Youth Services Consultant 
208-639-4178 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Staci Shaw, Youth Services Consultant 
208-639-4178 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Kristina Taylor, Project Coordinator
208-639-4178 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

For the Full Contact List, visit the ICfL Staff Page

If you are reading this for the first time,

you just might be a brand new library director or school librarian. On day one, you may have looked around and wondered just what you had signed up for. For what once looked like a nice, quiet place where people sat around and read was suddenly replaced by the reality of library work: a maze of paper, policies, procedures, and politics.

The purpose of this Survival Guide is to get you started in your new role and to introduce you to resources provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) and other curated sources. It is not designed to provide in-depth information about any particular aspect of the library director's or school librarian's duties. Its primary purpose is to help you progress through your first few months of managing the library. It will answer some of your questions, or least help you know what questions to ask by providing you with resources that you can use to access more information.

Over time, you will also become aware of what you do not know about running a library, which will help you know what questions to ask your friendly ICfL consultants. If you have questions that you cannot answer, or if you are just feeling a little lost, please do not hesitate to contact the Idaho Commission for Libraries. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed in the left-hand column.

How Can I Learn More About Idaho Libraryland?


When uncertain where to begin, contact your ICfL Area Field Consultant:

Emily Sitz, Moscow Office
208-882-8882 local, or 866-212-0646 toll-free

Consulting Map

Kevin Tomlinson, Boise Office
208-334-2150 local, or 800-458-3271 toll-free

Idaho Commission for Libraries: The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL), an administrative division of the State of Idaho, serves as a library development agency whose mission is to build the capacity of Idaho libraries to better serve their clientele. Effective July 1, 2006, the Idaho State Library became the Idaho Commission for Libraries, Idaho's state library agency. The ICfL's chief administrator is the State Librarian, who reports to the five-member Board of Library Commissioners, appointed by the Governor. For specific questions about ICfL programs and services, please see the contact list in the left-hand column.

Idaho Library Association: The ILA is the professional organization for Idaho's librarians and library workers, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. For more information about the ILA, please contact Amy Campbell at or at 208-232-1263.

LibIdaho: This e-mail discussion list is intended for people interested in all aspects of libraries and librarianship in Idaho. Membership is not limited to librarians, Idaho residents, or ILA members, but the list will probably be of greatest interest and value to those who are working in libraries in Idaho. LibIdaho is provided by the Idaho Library Association (ILA). The ILA welcomes respectful discussion of professional issues. The gateway for Idaho residents to free access to online tools for their educational, business, and recreational needs. The LiLI databases provide easy online access to the full text of thousands of magazines, professional journals, reference materials, and newspapers. Also included are databases for personal and professional development, including auto repair, reader advisory, health information, language learning, genealogy, scholarly research, computer and software literacy, practice tests for college and occupational entrance exams, and much, much more! For more information about LiLI services and programs, please contact Allison Floyd. Offers Idaho students in grades K-12 free access to a curated set of online tools focused on their educational needs.