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ICfL Records Management: Home

Records Retention Orientation

ICfL provides efficient, economical, and effective controls over the creation, distribution, organization, use, and disposition of all records of the agency in accordance with Idaho Code and appropriate federal regulations.

To assist staff in completing the required functions for records retention, this Records Management Orientation series provides instruction on the purpose, requirements, and procedures necessary for compliance. The documents listed below may be used for reference to assist with various records activities.

Module 1 - Records Management Overview

Audience: All Staff

Purpose: To introduce the basics of records management, why the agency performs the functions, and how staff contribute to records retention.

Learning Objectives: Using the information presented and supporting documents, staff will be able to:

  1. State the purpose for records management at ICfL,
  2. Identify the different types of records, and
  3. Communicate their role in records management activities.

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Module 2 - Submitting Records for Retention

Audience: All Staff

Purpose: Instruction on the process for submitting records for retention using the ICfL Records Database.

Learning Objective: Using the information presented and a job aid for support, staff will be able to submit vital and archival records with descriptive details for retention, storage, and future access.

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Module 3 - Using the ICfL Portal on SharePoint

Audience: All Staff

Purpose: Share guidelines and procedures for storing digital files.

Learning Objective: Using the information presented and a job aid for support, staff will be able to:

  1. Save and locate files in ICfL Portal
  2. Use appropriate descriptors in file names, and
  3. Include footers on electronic files for future access.