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Boost Your LiLI Usage: Home

For library staff who want to promote the databases, improve usage, and manage their own accounts.

Download and Customize Promotional Materials

For additional promotional materials, follow the links to get free, customizable content direct from the vendors of LiLI Database tools.


Ebsco Support: Promotion - main page with flyers, posters, bookmarks, and sample email communications to distribute to students, teachers, and community members. The overall list will include databases not part of LiLI, be sure to check the full list of LiLI databases at the top of this page. See additional promotion kits:

Use Gale ProMo for promoting Chilton Library and Gale Virtual Reference Library. Users will need to enter the library's location ID to access promotional items. If you don't know the location ID, an option to search for it is available.

Add MARC Records for Database Titles to the Local Catalog

Note that once MARC records are downloaded, they will need to be imported to the local catalog (ILS) according to the processes of the software used by the library. Contact your catalog vendor with questions about importing records.


Login to the Ebsco Admin Module, then select "Database Title Lists."  Options to download MARC format records are available for each database. If you do not know your Ebsco Admin Module login, contact Ebsco's technical support at 800-758-5995.


Gale Virtual Reference Library and Chilton Library - Go to, login with your location ID, then select "MARC Records" to download the files for Chilton Library and Gale Virtual Reference Library.


Read the MARC Records Instructions, then go to the LEL Librarian Resources page to download the records. You will need your MARC Access Key to complete the process. If you do not know your MARC Access Key, contact LearningExpress at 1-800-295-9556, ext. 2 or by email at


Download the MARC records for the ebooks available through World Book Advanced on the World Book MARC Records Site.  Simply click the link provided then save and import the records to the local catalog.

Monitor Usage Statistics

Monitoring usage is a good way to know which databases are most popular with your users. Even more, it can help you see if your users aren't taking advantage of tools that might find helpful; letting you know which tools to promote with your community.

Ebsco Admin for EBSCOhost databases and NoveList.

 An administrative login is necessary to collect usage statistics. Ebsco's Technical Support can help you to identify your sub-account ID and password.  Call 800-758-5995 or email Refer to the Retrieving Statistics Help Sheet created by Ebsco for more details.

Chilton Library Usage - Chilton usage can be provided through a monthly email. To begin receiving the monthly Chilton Library usage reports, email with the library's name, Gale Location ID if you know it, contact name, your email address, and a note that you want to be signed up for monthly Chilton usage reports. Look up your Gale Location ID.

Gale Virtual Reference Library - Use the Gale Admin tool to retrieve information about usage of the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection. Contact Gale Technical Support for administrative login assistance: 1-800-877-4253 option 4 or

LearningExpress Library Usage Reports

Contact LearningExpress Technical Support at 1-800-295-9556, Ext. 2 or at for your library's login and password for the reporting site.

World Book Online - My Account

Contact World Book technical support at 800-338-8382 or if you do not know your administrative login.