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Survival Guide for Idaho Librarians: School Librarians

This guide is designed to be a quick start for an individual who suddenly is in charge of a public or school library in Idaho.

Idaho Commission for Libraries Contacts

Below are important contacts for you as you begin your journey as a library manager in an Idaho school library.  Call 208-334-2150.

School Library Consultant

Jeannie Standal

Continuing Education Consultant

Tammy Hawley-House

Youth Services/Read to Me team

Staci Shaw

Kristina Taylor

Library Consultant for the Underserved

Sue Walker

LiLI Librarian

Allison Floyd

Grants Officer

Jamie Mott

Broadband Consultant
Dylan Baker

School Librarians

Quick reference resources designed for new school librarians.  Click on the topic heading to view the individual topics.

I.   Administration

  1. Budgeting:  Or, How Much Does That Cost?
  2. Guidelines:  Or, Can You Put That In Writing?
  3. Planning:  Or, If I knew Where We Were Going?
  4. Procedures:  Or, Where's the Light Switch?
  5. Statistics:  Or, What Numbers Do You Have?

II. Collection Management

  1. The Collection:  Or, Do You Have Something For Everyone?
  2. Acquisitions: Or, How Do I Stretch The Budget?
  3. Catalog:  Or, Where Did You Find That?
  4. Cataloging With MARC:  Or, How Would You Describe It?     

III. Resource Sharing

IV. Programming

  1.  Common Core:  Or, How Can We Meet the Standards?
  2.  Lesson Planning:  Or, What Is the Game Plan?
  3.  Outreach:  Or, Who Is Not Being Served?
  4.  Special Populations: Or, How May I Help You?
  5.  Summer Reading:  Or, How to Avoid the Summer Slide?
  6.  Youth Services: Or, How Do I Connect With Young Adults?

V.  Reference

VI. Technology

VII. Additional Topics

  1.  Community Building:  Or, How Do I Find a Good Partner?
  2.  Continuing Education:  Or, How Do I Learn More?
  3.  Grant Writing:  Or, Where Does the Money Come From?
  4.  Idaho Commission for Libraries:  Or, Your Friends in Boise!
  5.  Leadership:  Or, Me? A Leader?
  6.  Marketing:  Or, What Is My Message?
  7.  Volunteers:  Or, Who Can Help?


Ask any school librarian and s/he will say that the library is the sweet spot at a school. It is busy, sometimes frantically so, by the school librarian is one of the few staff members in a school that gets to work with every student. In addition, the librarian gets to see every kid year after year and watch each one grow and learn.

The purpose of this guide is to help get a new librarian the most essential information needed to get started. It will help you find the instruction you need as you discover all the duties involved in running the library and you thought it was just check out and story time. This guide will be full of links to tutorials and expert advice, help with planning and procedures, and sources to find the way in Libraryland.

Training Resources

Online Tutorials on Library Basics - FREE

Alternative Basic Library Education  (ABLE)

  • Collection Development Sequence
  • Technical Services Sequence
  • Public Services Sequence

Supplemental Alternative Basic Library Education  (SABLE)

  • Early Childhood Services
  • Services to School-Aged Children
  • Young Adult Services


Idaho Commission for Libraries:  The Idaho Commission for Libraries serves as a development agency whose mission is to build the capacity of Idaho libraries to better serve their clientele.  This website provides a wealth of information about programs and support for Idaho libraries.  Idaho Commission for Libraries supports online databases which provides resources for all Idaho residents.

Idaho Library Association:  Professional organization for all Idaho library staff and trustees.

Libidaho:  Listserv maintained by the Idaho Library Association.  The best way to get connected with the Idaho library community.

LiLAC:  Library Leadership Advisory Committee, a collaborative effort between the Idaho Commission for Libraries and the Idaho Library Association supporting development of a leadership culture throughout the Idaho library community.

SPLAT:  Special Projects Library Action Team, a group of Idaho librarians dedicated to reaching out to their library colleagues with new technology and library trends.