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Continuing Education for Library Staff and Trustees: Trustees

This comprehensive guide covers the wide range of training topics for anyone affiliated with a school or public library in Idaho.


This site will provide continuing education resources for public library directors, school library managers, and public library trustees.

United for Libraries

United for Libraries

Composed of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, this partnership brings together libraries’ voices to speak out on behalf of library services and free public access to information.  United for Libraries is a network of library supporters who believe in the importance of libraries as the social and intellectual centers of communities and campuses. For more information go to

The website includes a wealth of educational materials such as

Training and Consultiing


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Trustee Academy

Other Products and Services

These webinars were co-sponsored by United for Libraries and the ALA Chapter Relations Office.

Part 1: Building your Base (presented July 14, 2016)

This workshop makes the connection between program and services outreach and building a library's base of support for advocacy.  This workshop details:

  • Using recent research as well as preparing public service return on investment calculations.
  • How to map a community.
  • Options for program development - examples used are the Recreation market and local elected officials.
  • Connection between customer service and advocacy.
  • Use of social media.
  • Managing data.
  • Using volunteer messengers.

Watch Part 1 here: 

Part 2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense (presented July 21, 2016)

This workshop provides participants with the knowledge needed to:

  • Create a campaign plan.
  • Recruit volunteer leadership.
  • Detail roles and responsibilities.

Watch Part 2 here:

Part 3: Message, Marketing, & Media (presented July 28, 2016)

This workshop walks participants through:

  • How to develop a campaign message using values and emotional branding.
  • Integrating that message into campaign outreach.
  • Public presentations.
  • Using the media to advance the message.

Watch Part 3 here:

Part 4: Connecting with YES Voters + Part 5: Get out the Vote (Immediately following Part 4) (presented August 4, 2016)

This workshop details the nuts and bolts of a library field operation including:

  • Targeting through using enhanced voter files.
  • Phone Banking/Direct Mail/Social Media/Email/Voter Tracking

This workshop brings the previous four together with the ultimate goal of reaching out to Yes voters and getting them to the polls.

Watch Part 4 here:

Happily Ever After - From Interview to Action: Board-Director Relationships That Work!

Happily Ever After: From Interview to Action …Board-Director Relationships That Work!

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk comes to Montana – online – to share her expert training for public library boards.  Montana State Library hosted a four-week online series presentation on Board Development and Library Management.  Catherine Hakala-Ausperk is a well-known consultant on library board development and library managment. 

This series of webinars may be viewed online: 

January 27th, 2014 A PERFECT MATCH – Before beginning a search for Library Director, it’s important to know for whom you are searching! Exercises will help identify characteristics matching library and community needs.

February 3rd, 2014 THE SEARCH BEGINS – Discussions, activities surrounding writing the job ad, reviewing candidates, selecting interviewees, creating great questions and conducting the interview.

February 10th, 2014 THE CHOICE – How to actually hire, from reference checking to negotiations, salary and perks, to staff and community orientation.

February 17th, 2014  FUTURE SUCCESS – Sustaining an excellent employee is just as important for directors! This section to cover establishing expectations (from communication channels to goals), clarifying roles, resolving challenges, motivation and ongoing development.

 Archived Recordings (90 minutes each).  For more on Trustees from Montana State Library, check out their Vimeo Channel at


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