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About Gale Virtual Reference Library

What is it?

A collection of electronic specialized encyclopedias and reference books on a wide variety of subject areas that can be searched individually or as a whole. Highlights include:

  • American Decades, 1900-1999, 2000-2009
  • American Eras Primary Sources Series, covering early America through 1899
  • Encyclopedia of Fashion, Costume, and Culture
  • Complete Diseases and Conditions
  • Encyclopedia of Diets
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
  • Alternative Energy
  • Encyclopedia of Science
  • Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Exploring Science Through Science Fiction
  • Human Geography
  • Political Theories for Students
  • Encyclopedia of Worth Mythology

Why use it?

  • STEM Content
  • History Primary Source Content
  • Ability to make notes and save with connection to Google Drive