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Celebrate Idaho: Idaho Books and Authors

Resources about Idaho, Idaho Authors, and in support of Idaho Day.

Idaho Books of the Year

The following books were awarded the Idaho Book of the Year and honorable mentions by the Idaho Library Association.

Winner All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Honorable Mention Idaho's Place: A New History of the Gem State, edited by Adam M. Sowards
Winner As Rugged as the Terrain by Priscilla Wegars
Winner Surviving Minidoka, edited by Russell Tremayne and Todd Shallat
Winner Books, Bluster, and Bounty by Susan H. Swetnam
Honorable Mention Anything Worth Doing: A True Story of Adventure, Friendship, and  Tragedy on the Last of the West's Great Rivers by Jo Deurbrouck
Honorable Mention Be Brave, Tah-hy!: The Journey of Chief Joseph's Daughter by Jack R. Williams
Winner The Lonely Polygamist: A Novel by Brady Udall
Honorable Mention Wolfer: A Memoir by Carter Niemeyer
Winner God's Dogs: A Novel in Stories by Mitch Wieland
Honorable Mention The Good Times Are All Gone Now: Life, Death, and Rebirth in an Idaho Mining Town by Julie W. Weston
Honorable Mention The Fifth Generation: A Nez Perce Tale by Linwood Laughy
Winner James Castle: A Retrospective edited by Ann Percy
Honorable Mention The Enders Hotel: A Memoir by Brandon Schrand
Honorable Mention Owyhee Canyonlands by Mark Lisk with an essay by William Fox
Winner At Nature's Edge: Frank Lloyd Wright's Artist Studio by Henry Whiting
Honorable Mention Five Skies by Ron Carlson
Winner A Danish Photographer of Idaho Indians: Benedicte Wrensted by Joanna Cohan Scherer
Honorable Mention Lewis & Clark and Me by Spence Campbell
Winner The Deep Dark: Disaster and Redemption in the America's Richest Silver Mine by Gregg Olsen
Honorable Mention Governing Idaho: Politics, People and Power by James B. Weatherby and Randy Stapilus
Honorable Mention Salmon River Country by Stephen Steubner and Mark Lisk
Winner The Cyanide Canary by Joseph Hilldorfer and Robert Dugoni
Honorable Mention James Castle: His Life & Art by Tom Trusky
Winner Traplines: Coming Home to Sawtooth Valley by John Rember
Honorable Mention

Polly Bemis, a Chinese American Pioneer by Priscilla Wegars

Winner The Secrets of the Magic Valley and Hagerman's Remarkable Horse, edited by Todd Shallat
Honorable Mention On All Sides Nowhere: Building a Rural Life in Idaho by William Gruber
Special Recognition Ford Swetnam, for his contribution to the literature of Idaho.
Winner Standing up to the Rock, by T. Louise Freeman-Toole
Winner Out of the Ruins by William Johnson
Honorable Mention Home Mountains: Reflections from a Western Middle Age by Susan Hendricks Swetnam
Winner Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West by Mark Fiege
Winner One Winter in the Wilderness by Pat Cary Peek
Winner Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets off a Struggle for the Soul of America by J. Anthony Lukas
Winner Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1877-1990 by Caroline James
Honorable Mention In the Wilderness: Coming of Age in Unknown Country by Kim Barnes
Honorable Mention Roadside History of Idaho by Betsy B. Derig
Winner River of Life, Channel of Death: Fish and Dams on the Lower Snake by Keith C. Petersen
Honorable Mention Smokechaser by Warren Yahr
Winner Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson Across Western North America by Jack Nisbet and Jack McMaster
Honorable Mention Come, Blackrobe: DeSmet and the Indian Tragedy by John J. KIlloren
Honorable Mention Snake: The Plain and It's People by Todd A. Shallat and E. B. Bentley
Winner A Flood Cannot Happen Here; The Story of Lower Goose Creek Reservoir, Oakley Idaho, 1984 by Kathleen Hedberg
Honorable Mention Backtracking: Ancient Art of Southern Idaho by Max G. Pavesic, William Studebaker, and Catherine S. Fowler
Honorable Mention Railroad Signatures Across the Pacific Northwest by Carlos Schwantes
Winner Building Idaho: An Architectural History by Jennifer Eastman Attebery
Winner Conversations: A Companion Book to Idaho Public Television's "Proceding on Through a Beautiful Country, A History of Idaho" by Susan M. Stacy
Winner Tiger on the Road: The Life of Vardis Fisher by Tim Woodward
Winner Paradox Politics: People and Power in Idaho by Randy Stapilus
Winner This Crested Hill: An Illustrated History of the University of Idaho by Keith C. Peterson
Winner The Literature of Idaho: An Anthology, selected and edited by James H. Maguire
Winner Idaho Folklife: Homesteads to Headstones by Louie W. Attebery and Brian Attebery
Winner Mining Town: The Photographic Record of T.N. Barnard and Nellie Stockbridge from the Coeur d'Alenes by Patricia Hart and Ivar Nelson