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Get to Know the LiLI Tools

About Learning Express Library

What is it?

A comprehensive collection of test preparation tools, skill-building materials, and career resources. Use to prepare for college and career, education tutoring, software tutorials, and workforce development. The entire database is split into Learning Centers:

  • School Center - Tutorials and learning aids in top subject areas from 4th - 12th Grades
  • High School Equivalency Center - Use to prepare for GED with tutorials, eBooks, and practice tests
  • College Preparation Center - Study for and practice college admission tests and application essays. From AP Exams to the ACT and SAT, this center is devoted to college entrance.
  • College Center - For college students, resources to strengthen academic skills, prepare for placement tests, and get ready for graduate school entrance exams.
  • Career Center - Learn about a variety of careers and prepare for professional exams for licensing and certifications.
  • Adult Learning Center - Offers busy adults the tools to improve basic skills in reading, writing, and math.
  • Popular Software Tutorials - Learn to use the most popular software programs from Microsoft Office, along with Adobe Photoshop, and the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Why use it?

  • SAT And ACT preparation materials
  • Software tutorials - you can jump to specific skills/tasks via the table of contents
  • Career preparation - including learning about careers, entrance to specialized schools to pursue careers, and practice for licensing and certification exams.

Try it!

Try it!